Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Self Visualization

My self visualization project is about the most important thing in my life--my family. The project went through a few stages but ultimately retained the same idea that I started with. I wanted to do a project about how every member of my family influences me in different ways. My piece is about how each person represents a different side of me. I decided to make the project very simple in order to get the viewer to focus on this message. I dressed up into different "characters" and took photographs of me holding an empty frame. I then cleaned up and slightly adjusted these photos in Photoshop and added a picture of each family member in their appropriate picture frames. Originally, it was suggested that I print out these images life-size and display them on the wall for critique. But time and funds were lacking so I could not have realistically achieved that. I then struggled with the idea of adding a background which I eventually decided against. I just added simple pieces of furniture to the images for the figure to be sitting on since they were in sitting poses. I like the way they turned out. Simple. Clean and clearly about my relationship with and respect for my family.

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