Sunday, August 30, 2009

Crewdson, Hocks, Wall, & Sherman

Looking at these artists was an interesting experience for me because I've never really been into digital imaging artwork. Most of the artwork I'm drawn to are paintings and drawings. I don't understand very much about digital imaging or what it is meant to do to a piece. Looking through Gregory Crewdson's work was the first I looked at and i was impressed by the way he formed his final pieces from many different photographs and with digital enhancements. I also noticed that alot of his work involves people. His series, Twilight was the most intriguing. He enhanced photos of intense human interaction such as the woman standing in the kitchen naked while her family was eating dinner. He is talent in photography and digital art really helps get across the emotions of his subjects in each photo.
Teun Hocks style of photographic art was incredibly interesting to me. One of the webpages said that he takes a black and white photo of a scene that he sets up and then he paints over them with oil paints. I've never heard of anybody doing that before and I really would love to try that sometime. Although, his work isn't technically digital but I suppose the same method could be done by applying color on the computer rather than by hand.
I recongnized some of Jeff Wall's work from last semester's conceptual art class. Picture for Women was in the conceptual art textbook, I believe. But one piece that I was really impressed with was called Milk. He used photography and digital imaging to show the milk spilling in mid air. Dead Troops Talk was also interesting because he says he uses the digital imaging to create "philosophical comedy" I thought that was amusing because its true that you can create anything using digital imaging.
Also in conceptual art, we had a presentation about Cindy Sherman so I am somewhat familiar with her work already. The thing that I like about Cindy Sherman is that she is the subject of most of her work and that most of her work involves a message about body image and the way women are viewed by society. This is another subject that frequents my artwork. I especially love her film still series. But I also love the pieces where she adjusts the photographs of women to make them look like celebrities. There is one with a woman who looks fake tanned, overly made up and posing like a model. The woman looks a bit ridiculous to me, which I think was her message of that piece. But i like how she used digital imaging to get that point across.

Artistic Influence

My artistic influence lies in observing human interactions. I love making art that involves the triumphs and struggles of every day life. My artwork generally reflects the things that are most important to me in life. I'm always inspired by family and relationships between people because I feel like as the world evolves and changes so does the way people interact with one another. I chose to pick a piece by Norman Rockwell because he is one of those artists who focused his work on people. I think that he is most famous for his idealized pieces about scenes of happy times. But if you look into his collection his work makes me reflect on my own way of interacting with my family and friends.